God teaches through case studies in life’s ordinary events. I began to listen, I found that life was filled with pictures that encourage, educate, and guide. These studies explore the links between God, each other, and with our souls. They are free with a request that they not be used out of context or without reference unless you have the author’s explicit permission.

As is with all writing, there is a story hiding within every story. My wish is that you find them useful. Most of all, I hope that you enjoy your journey.


A high school classmate’s mother passed away last week.  As I read the news, I realized how easily one slips into the dark space in and around a difficult life event.  In this case it was the passing of my mother and the emotions that followed.  As I look back, I would describe the darkness as “a hard sentence, and your hearts [are] so heavy, and not a soul in sight to help.” (Psalm 107.12) Then and now, there are individuals in my life who reach out as compassionate angels, lifting me from the darkness into the light.  In each individual act of raising me, I am reminded of the following.

Being lifted started with a grip of trust.  I cannot always help myself.  When trust arrives, in all its forms, my ability to respond dramatically changes.  Trust travels with Acceptance.  Trust invites Hope to lend a hand.  What one cannot muster from within is given without the need to do anything other than accept.

One vision in the darkness is limited, even if you are not fully aware of the boundaries.  As one is able to lift and open one’s eyes with help, everything changes!  One sees more than they imagined.  One rediscovers freedom and the ability to act that was within and just beyond one’s reach.  Possibilities are now visible.

Living is our responsibility.  To those that have lifted me, thank-you for gifting me with the ability to live and breathe again.  You have open the door for me and it is time for me to walk through and follow your examples of acting out the principles of growing and being an active part of the community.

To those that have lost loved ones, you have the sympathies of my heart and my extended grip of trust.  I know you may not realize there are others lifting you up and out of darkness.  Let us help you.  In turn, join us in helping others and ourselves.  There is living to be done!  I believe we can make today special, especially as we work together.

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