Daily Thoughts, July 2, 1999
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“I’m hurt and in pain. Give me space for healing, and mountain air.” Psalm 69.29

I live in a family always on the lookout for the perfect Christmas gift. My first reaction, many years ago, was that the driver for this approach to Christmas shopping was saving money. How could anyone spend this much energy and keep a though quietly in the back of their mind for so long? Over the years, I came to realize how much thought and love goes into the effort.

Yesterday a friend stood on the verge of losing everything. The pressures of life are overwhelming, stress and anger consume people he dearly loves, and it is difficult to see hope in the future. As life closed in around him, he asked for space to be alone. Taking the telephone, I rescheduled our meetings for latter in the day. Walking away, I wondered what if anything I could do.

Last night a group of new friends took the time to ask about family, home, and history. After a time, they pulled two chairs into the center of the room and lifted us up to God. The prayers of blessing and hope were a salve on old wounds, repairing our hearts, and quenching a longing thirst.

When I look, I see hurt and pain in people’s eyes. At times the pain is quietly sitting in the background, for others it is the screaming reality of every conversation. David expresses the same pain. He pleads with God to act, demands healing, and then praises God for the answer. I see God working with a special purpose in your life and mine.

God is constantly on the watch, looking for new ways to express his love, acceptance, and grace in our lives. God understands our anger and frustration. God knows what pain feels like. He has experienced pain beyond our comprehension. God is our space for healing. The Spirit will come as mountain air.

When you are hurting and in pain; ask God for healing. God has a gift waiting for you and me.

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