Daily Thoughts, July 3, 1999
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“Let those on the hunt for you, sing and celebrate. Let all those who love your saving way say over and over, ‘God is mighty!’” Psalm 70.4

The day’s schedule dictated that I would be late for at least one meeting. Overlapping times at opposite ends of London made sure I could not be present at both on time. Yes, I tried to reschedule but other people’s commitments locked both times and places. I arrived with a minute to spare to the first meeting and stayed as little as I could. I think things were in hand when I left; I guess I will find out in a few days. The second meeting was two thirds done when I joined. As I listened to the conversation, I found myself thanking God for my timing. Potential conflicts were already past, accusations defused, and ears open. My window worked perfectly and the meeting’s purpose was complete.

Often I approach God in the same way. My schedule and priorities are more important than his, I wonder how can I do two different things at once, and I constantly worry about the outcome! I relax on days where things go well, however when people attack, deliveries are not met, or schedules conflict I am in trouble. My natural tendencies are to fold back into my self and wine.

David appears to be following my route. People on the left are attacking, people on the right are falling away; taunts, criticism, and lies are coming in from all quarters. David is on the edge of disaster and asks God for help with intense emotions! Rescue me and destroy those who oppose us, is his demand. In case God might not understand, David explicitly describes those who God should take out of the picture. David catches a glimpse of others who share his journey, and offers some advise. His advice applies to you and I today.

Anytime you are on the quest for God, celebrate!
If in doubt, have a God party! You and I are on the winning team, God’s side!

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