Daily Thoughts, July 5, 1999
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“Put your [God’s] ear to the ground and listen, give me space for salvation.” Psalm 71.3

If there is anything I want in life, really want in life, it is a combination of two things. I want to find a God who knows every detail about life. If God also provided a safe place for me to be, then things would be perfect! People around me do not seem to understand my motives, they cannot see how people seem out to get me, and my pain is beyond their grasp. Home is fleeting, here at times, gone in others.

In the past few days I have fought the demons with my own skill and lost. Last night I came right to the breaking point and God rescued me in a small battle. The scene was almost amusing! Police and management closed the parking garage under Hyde Park to the public during an all day concert. The one exception was season ticket holders using the south entrance, or at least that is what the sign said. Coming in late, orange cones blocked the entrance. They were easy to remove. Coming to the tunnel into the garage, we found a chain across the entrance with a closed sign. Knowing that this did not apply to me, I lifted the chain and sign as Cherry drove in. After we parked, the attendant challenged me to explain the why/how I came into the closed garage. Walking him through the sequence left he mouthing the question, “but we are closed.” I then walked to the sign and we reread the information together. Still not convinced, he said “but we are closed”.

In my life, the big things never get to you, the small ones always do. During the past few days, the rush of life keeps coming over my walls, threatening to swamp my life. I need a God who is there, listening to the small details, creating a space where I can live. David needed and found the same thing. We can to, if we stop what we are doing.

July 4, 1999
July 6, 1999