Daily Thoughts, July 6, 1999
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“May he [I] judge your people rightly, be honorable to your meek and lowly.” Psalm 72.2

The idea of resting in the presence of God and being aggressive in life can seem like ideas with different ethnic origins. We know that both ideas can apply to an individual at some point in their life; it is just that one cannot imagine both applying to anyone at the same time. Living life, working with people often brings an inner tension. When do I act and take decisions, versus letting God be in charge. Is there a winning formula? Can we do both?

This prayer indicates that the writer believed it was both possible and required. Most people cannot describe concrete events where they experienced God’s direct leading. Looking around it appears that most people think they will be required to make a choice in how to act in another’s life at some point. They also act as if they have no idea of how God will lead and they will make a choice at the same time. This prayer combines the two thoughts; individual interaction on one hand, God and human on the other. The question ends up with a single point of confusion. Is it possible to participate in life, take decisions that you know will affect other people’s lives, and rest in God at the same time?

The answer is yes! The yes answer is required of all followers of God.

As the Bible unfolds, one can see that God’s true followers are engaged in the lives of others. While there are moments of personal retreat or isolation, the story reflects a personal God who cares and is involved in the small details of people’s life. God’s followers take a similar path; they have a compassion and depth of caring for others that stands out. Letting people see this in action is one of the methods God encourages that conveys his picture and purpose.

Engagement in life while resting in God is a requirement, not an option. Pursuing life is a key in understanding God.

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