Daily Thoughts, July 8, 1999
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Pretty & Ugly

“May he [God] never be forgotten, his fame shine on like sunshine. May all godless people enter his circle of blessing and bless the One who blessed them.” Psalm 72.17

I listened to a friend share his journey of the last month. I knew the players and could sense the color and smells along the way. The first time I heard the story I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion, love, caring, tears, anger, and loss mixing together to form a paralyzing soup. The second time I revisited his journey a sense of frustration entered the mix. The fourth time followed a period of reflection; finally I could respond and share the walk.

How do you feel about people who are not accountable for their actions? What are your reactions when someone’s carelessness, or inability to do what they are supposed to do, hurts people you care about who are nearby? If the problem sustains itself over time, what action can one take? Before the obvious answer comes spilling out, remember every character is someone you call a friend. How do you treat friends when they do not realize their need, especially if the problems are not contagious but still life threatening?

My friend has more of the answer than he realizes. The answer is love, grace, and compassion. This answer will always carry potential frustration burdens, yet it is still the right path.

David’s life reflected all these problems and more. He had friends who would not or could not help themselves. He faced enemies who stood as loyal friends in places of accountability and power. Family wars were common and filled with brutality.

David’s response is a model for us, a prayer for justice and personal restoration coupled with statement of who God is. David saw, understood, and believed that we all stand equal before God. David experienced the pain of human choice. David lived in the midst of chaos and turmoil. David lived and experienced then life with a focus on the courting the Way. Let us continue the walk together.

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