Daily Thoughts, July 11, 1999
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“Still, when I tried to figure it out, all I got was a splitting headache…until I entered the sanctuary of God. Then I saw the whole picture…” Psalm 73.16

London is full of awesome super-cars. There are the traditional luxury cars one can find in any big city, however the sports cars cause my heart to flutter. Sightings go way beyond the normal Porsche, BMW and occasional Corvette. On any given day, one may see a Ferrari, Bentley, Aston-Martin, Lamborghini, or Mclaren.

The numbers surrounding these cars is awesome. Prices range from $250,000 up to a $1,000,000. Top speeds end north of 180 mph. Acceleration is stunning with interiors designed with speed in mind and paint schemes reflecting quiet confidence bubbling into arrogance. Then there is the sound. I can hear one of these cars a block away. The sound is rarely loud; the quality, tone, and resonance shoots right to my heart and soul.

Last night the sighting that hit me was a dark blue Diablo (Lamborghini). Darting up the street, the sleek, low slung car appeared to stop and start with instant acceleration, the two occupants nestled in a separate world.

When I stop and then it is hard to imagine that there is enough legitimate money in the world to support the large number of specialty cars found in London. Perhaps everyone driving one of these cars earned their money through hard work. On the other hand, it could be the result from cutting the angles and edges of the law.

I look around and I try to assess the spoils of evil and the benefits of following God. Is the pursuit of God really the right choice? Does God realize what the other side is doing? Is he assessing the situation and dealing with it? Every time I try to think through the scenarios, I end up right where the Psalmist sits, with a major headache!

There is only solution. Go to God’s place; let God laid out the complete picture. God has all the keys, let him take care of things.

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