Daily Thoughts, July 16, 1999
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“Do for God what you said you’d do – he is, after all, your God.” Psalm 76.11

I was all set up on the plane; computer in place, Bibles ready for reference, and a reflective attitude anticipating a listening session with God. An hour into the flight I reached for computer. The warning beeps alerted me to a problem. My act of turning the machine off did not and the battery was empty.

Waking early in the morning to reflect and listen is a habit I really enjoy. The quiet time, in the early dawn hours, is where God shapes and frames my day. This morning I reached for my Bible and computer only to discover I had no power! Several hours later I discovered the cord that looked perfect was not working as a link between the plug (power) and my computer’s power supply.

As I reflected with a friend over lunch the lessons of the flight and morning became real. Too often, I think I my actions are plugging me into God. I do all the right things, the connection looks perfect, and I expect things to happen. When I check the power supply, I find my link is broken and my source is something dead inside.

The fix is the same for each of us. The fix is simple and straightforward. The fix follows the Biblical model for maintaining a link with God.

Step 1: Admit, to God, who and what you (I) am. For me, this is a daily conversation with God where I honestly acknowledge my focus and drive to please myself.

Step 2: Tell God that you (I) believe and have faith in who He is and how he views me. Again, in my life this is a prayer of my ongoing prayer, state of being.

Step 3: Believe and act on the belief that God’s son died for me, and that I stand perfect before God, because of His Son’s life robe. This is the driving force behind every choice.

Every day is full of action items. What are yours?

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