Daily Thoughts, July 17, 1999
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Justice, Mercy

“Nobody gets by with anything, no one plays fast and loose with him [God].” Psalm 76.12

We all have special people in our lives creating unique pains and aches. At times, they are endearing, holding special corners of our hearts. Others form an elite group. We dislike these people on a good day, and will not willing to admit our feeling of on a bad one. Their names do not matter. Whatever their names, regardless of their background and pedigree, we find their actions hateful and resent any time spent in their presence.

The Psalmist’s words soothe our anger. We take comfort in the knowledge that God remembers all the details. We treasure our belief in God’s implied promise of justice.

I would like to suggest that we are looking for God to act out our own anger. We hope God will do what we always wanted to do, stomp on the offenders! I believe that both hope and anticipation are ill founded. Look at the facts.

One: God says that he loves every human being, no exceptions noted.
Two: God says that all have salvation on the same basis, again no exceptions.
Three: God says he knew we would fail and continue to fail and he loves us exactly as we are, again no one is excluded for any reason.
Four: God sent his son to die that we might live, all of us.
Five: We determine our own destiny – live by faith and live with God, live for self and separate our self from God eternally.

Given these facts, look at our desire for justice. If God applies the same love, acceptance, and grace to all, who are we to second guess? If God grants mercy to every person why should we demand justice? If someone is not qualified to be in God’s circle, what makes us qualified? If someone deserves justice, why do we deserve mercy?

God loves you because you are you, and God is God. We stand equal before God. Everyone has the opportunity of representing God in someone’s life.

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