Daily Thoughts, July 18, 1999
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“I yell out to my God, I yell with all my might, I yell at the top of my lungs. He listens.” Psalm 77.1

Yesterday, I spoke with two friends. One is dying sooner than he should be the other was sicker than she ought to be. In both cases the optimism about life, the confidence in God, and the interest and encouragement in my own life overwhelmed me. As I listened, I heard the quiet reminder pleas going up to God. I know that each person fights their demons, wonders why life is taking this turn for them, and most likely continue taking the issues to God.

What do we do with our problems, concerns, fears, uncertainties, doubts, anger, frustration, happiness, job, and wonder? Is God responsible for everything that happens in life, good and bad? Does God’s control determine our happiness? What should we do when everything becomes overwhelming?

Talk with God. Yell, scream, plead, cry, shout, whisper, or mouthed the words, just talk! God longs for our company. God wants to have a relationship with us. God specifically described his desire to call us “friends”. The thing that is often missing in relationships is blunt, honest, and open communication. That is what God is looking for. I believe we are looking for this to, in every relationship.

Clearly, we will not be comfortable talking about certain things in our lives on the first attempt. There are times in our conversation that we will attempt to lie to God. There are moments when we will be so confused that our frustration and anger will spill out in ways we do not control. This is ok because of one reason. God knows our weaknesses and failures. God has full knowledge that we have done things that are wrong, we will continue to do things that are wrong, though we promise otherwise. God knows, still loves, and wants to have an ongoing conversation.

Each day we have an opportunity to be honest with God. Each morning is a new moment to begin. Join me in voice?

July 17, 1999
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