Daily Thoughts, July 20, 1999
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“Hidden in the hands of Moses and Aaron, you let your people like a flock of sheep.” Psalm 77.20

God is an awesome God. Coming back to San Francisco always reminds me of his power, creativity, and presence. Looking at San Francisco Bay and the incredible beauty all around, can quickly take one into the presence of God. Reflecting on the energy and creativity and the Golden Gate Bridge causes one to wonder.

We have the ability to take on awesome challenges. We are capable of doing things that science says is impossible! We are full of potential beyond our dreams, and yet we perpetuate so much destruction. What makes the difference? What draws us into our own presence, and into a spiral of anger and irrational acts?

Our creativity and ability to withstand powerful forces is evident. The San Francisco earthquake and following fire, storms and winds lashing the coast, AIDS, riots, and brutal acts of man continue. Hedonistic hearts worshipping the dark center of self are on blatant display for all to watch and wonder. The ability of man to pursue self-destruction documents itself in too many people’s lives.

Yet, one still finds beauty and hope. Why is this a reality?

Do we realize we hold our hands, voices, ears and hearts keys of beauty and power? Do we know the difference between finding the dark center of self and following a quest to know the true God? There are steps common to us all.

Take on the challenge. Pursue God with everything you have and are. There is no other quest that is worthy of the value you represent.

Accept the reality of your ability. If we recognize and accept what we do, God can work and change us from the inside out. We will fail; God knows that. We will run away from God; God will always wait for us to stop.

When God leads you to act, do it! Look for God’s lead. Follow God’s lead. Be God’s hands, feet, ears, and heart.

You and I have an opportunity. Take it!

July 19, 1999
July 21, 1999