Daily Thoughts, July 21, 1999
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“Listen, dear friends, to God’s truth, bend your ears to what I tell you.” Psalm 78.1

Cherry and I have two special friends of fourteen years. We now only see them once a year, but the tradition of getting together is a party experience we anticipate for 364 days! The tradition is full of rituals. I can tell you what we will have for dinner, pesto. I know the game we will play after dinner, pictionary. I know the teams, victorious men vs. weak, mentally challenged women. I know the conversations, heart sharing of things in life that we hold close to our heart. For all the rituals, each year is a new experience full of moments I treasure during the time we are apart.

During our years together, our families have grown to include a boy and two girls. Cherry and I moved from California to Florida to New Jersey and now to London. Each of us has taken on more job responsibilities and tackled issues around us that we hold important. We are growing in different ways, yet the glue that holds us together is getting stronger.

The glue is our desire and passion to walk with God. When we are together, I find two fellow travelers encouraging and nurturing our journey. Our dialogue always turns to God, what he means, what he continues to do, how his hand touches lives around us; powerful conversations that touch the heart and mind.

I see our friendship as part of the heart of worship. People sharing life, walking together, wondering aloud at times where God is, celebrating our sight when we see him work. The experience is authentic, open, and accessible. The experience is one I would love to share with God; in many ways, we do every year!

My passion is simple. I desperately want to experience the heart of God and stay within his arms. I passionately want to share my experience with everyone. Since I know you, I hope this message comes through loud and clear. You are my passion, God’s passion to.

July 20, 1999
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