Daily Thoughts, July 23, 1999
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If not, Who?

“[God,] Don’t blame us for the sins of our parents.” Psalm 79.8

Waking up to fresh mountain air, sea fog still hanging on, the occasional bird waking its neighbors, is precious. I know the experience will end all too soon and the moments are treasured nuggets that one should hold and consume.

The contrast between the Redwoods and the world I live in is stark. London’s dense population groups vs. the deer of the rural Redwoods. People working farms and making a living at a life nurturing pace vs. a hectic stress creating run. London’s bottled water to sustain life vs. Redwood’s clear, clean, mountain springs. Fresh, pure mountain airs vs. inhaling a few cigarettes with your morning run. Clean smells vs. the smells of refuse waiting for special people to cart away to a far place.

In each instance, the result of human choice and decisions creates a stark contrast. The negatives are the direct result of our, humanities’, choice.

Looking at my daughter’s personalities flourishing, I find remnants of myself I wish I had not shared. Reflecting on my own personality, I see glimpses of my parents, some good and some not so desirable. Choices made before I knew better, by my parents impacting my life, by myself on to Carli and Whitney.

In each situation, there are events beyond my control affecting my life, physically and mentally. I often find myself blaming others for what happens. When bad things happen, I look for causes outside that explain my failures. This is that same reaction that Israel took their failings.

God knows better. I believe when we are honest with ourselves, we know better. We can look at life differently.

First, recognize what we are. We are a people who fail, frequently.
Second, accept in our hearts that we are accountable for our response to life.
Third, God gives mercy, not justice! If His approach equaled justice, we would not be here.

Our parents gave us a special gift, themselves. Their actions influence, but they are not our excuse. We are accountable.

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