Daily Thoughts, July 24, 1999
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“We’ll tell everyone we meet how wonderful you are, how praiseworthy you are!” Psalm 79.13

Everything in life is conditional, even in the Redwoods. I stay presentable if I get the showers frequently. I wish I could say I love my Cherry unconditionally, but at times, even I know that I do not act like it. The Psalmist is conditionally promising God praise if God does a series of things, mainly rescuing us from the affects of our decisions. Sounds like a frequent prayer of mine!

I look around and wonder at our arrogance. Redwoods tower into the sky having stood the test of time for a dozen plus centuries. Crystal streams wonder through the hills changing their courses to accommodate the winter storms and spring rains. Deer and mountain lions hide themselves with the occasional cruise for food and water. Everywhere one looks, there is evidence of an awesome creativity and power. It could only be God!

I pause and see how water comes to people who are good and bad. I pause to remember that the best of what we are is still full of anger, frustration, and failure. In small children, I see acts of love and mercy mingled with revenge and cries for attention. We need the assurance that Dad loves us. We are a moments, worthy of gods, and in others we personify evil. God blesses us in all circumstances.

Life is full of paradoxes. Some we find easy to believe; others we struggle with for a lifetime to understand and accept. God’s word is very clear.

God loves us unconditionally. He knows better than we do what our weaknesses are. God knows we have, are, and will continue to fail. God loves us unconditionally.

God accepts us where we are. When we look to God, God sees us through the robe of Jesus. God sees us as being perfect everything that we can and could be. God accepts us. He has no conditions or exceptions.

God loves you, absolutely, completely, without condition, with an awesome intensity. God has no conditions.

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