Daily Thoughts, July 25, 1999
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“God, come back! Smile your blessing smile, that will be our salvation.” Psalm 80.3

Slowing is easy in the Redwoods. There are no TVs, radios, appliances, restaurants, or ready access to the net to keep the pressure on. The music of the trees, nurture of raw beauty, and results of spending time with family and friends delivers an unexpected impact.

I have no idea how I should describe this experience. I look around and see majestic Redwoods, standing tall and cascading long shadows of cooling shade. I receive a shock of energy when I experience the rivers and spring water. The prevailing puff of dust coming from one’s steps reminds one of earth. The sheer enjoyment of stepping away from the normal, coming apart, and becoming submerged totally in nature is unique, awesome, and life changing. God is here. In this stunning setting, I realize that I want most of all to experience is God.

I believe God gives each of us ways to have this experience in a wide range of situations and places. There is a key to this experience. A desire or passion to have this experience must kick things off. If you desire, seek, and passionately pursue this experience with God, He will guide you to the place and time where you will experience grace.

There are several questions that automatically come. Do you really want this relationship? How badly do you want it? What are your willing or not willing to give up to get it?

Israel had a taste of God and knew what things could be like. Consequently, the Psalmist verse reflects the desire of a nation. I wonder; do I have the same desire? How great is our passion to know and experience God?

The questions of relationships are always personal. I cannot answer for you. I do know that I have a desire for you to experience God. I carry a thirst for God. God is the missing piece in my life. Having experienced God’s touch, I cannot imagine a better gift for those I call friend.

July 24, 1999
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