Daily Thoughts, July 26, 1999
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“God of the angel armies, turn our way!” Psalm 80.14

Asking for what one needs is a good idea. If you do not ask then how can someone help, especially God. God knows everything; every need, problem, issue, and opportunity. God can only act if someone asks Him to do something. There are boundaries I do not understand, probably never will. The Psalmist raised a number of specific issues and, consequently, found God’s presence and action.

With the morning fog receding and new sun streaks cascading through the Redwood trees, one could easily imagine a world with no pain and troubles. The soft ground pads your walk, lulling one into a dream state where everything is wonderful, kind, and gentle. Everything is comes with the edges rounded and softened by winds and winter storms. Life reflects the real world and yet things are worlds apart.

Even in the Redwoods, there are people in pain. Sorrows because of decisions past, hurts carried by actions taken in anger or selfishness by people within the friendship circle, and victims of life’s cruel twists. The anger, frustration, and pain are very real. Our inability to do anything about the problems is just as real, or is it?

As I search for reasons, I find no common cause. As I search for solutions, I find we all share a common need. I need to know that someone loves me. I need to know that someone accepts me just as I am. I need to know these things with my heart, not my mind! I need to experience the impact of love and acceptance, not just hear or read the words. In every need I find a short and long term gap. The long-term gap is constant in all people; a need to know they are loved, that someone is proud of them. The short-term gap varies, usually contextual but always leading towards the long-term. There is good news! God is the answer to our short- and long-term.

There is something we can do our problems. Seek God. He is the answer.

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