Daily Thoughts, July 27, 1999
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“We will never turn our back on you; breathe life into our lungs so we can shout your name!” Psalm 80.18

Once every once in awhile you discover the “perfect” something. It could be a great sushi restaurant, the perfect cup of coffee, or, in my case yesterday, the perfect swimming hole for making big splashes! These events, usually small and personal, are God’s love gifts to us for renewed energy.

I wish you were with me! We drove south of camp along a logging road searching for a swimming spot. Ten kids and two dogs crammed into a Suburban heading for destinations unknown! Traveling along the South Fork of the Eel River, the stunning beauty and awesome simplicity stretched our eyes and souls. Five miles out we dropped the Suburban into 4WD and headed out across the river rocks. Stopping next to a group of horses roaming free, the kids excitedly reveled in the new excitement. Doug and I were the early scout party, pushing ahead to find the nice spots of past years. Doug found it first, yelling for everyone to follow him.

The scene is still fresh in my mind. Tall shading trees on the west, smooth flowing water, 6-8 inch slivers of fish darting about, and a 10-foot redwood stump in the middle. The water around the stump reflected the beauty above and below. Standing over the scene I could discern the grains of sand 12 feet below the water’s surface and the full revelation of God all around.

The first jump told me everything. Swimmers speak of “fast” pools; pools where the combination of water, shape, atmosphere, and intangibles combine to generate fast times. For people with a special talent to make splashes, all shapes and sizes, this swimming hole is the equivalent! I cannot remember water so good! The perfect temperature, an amazing combination of kids and new experiences, and the fun of passing on something useless energized me!

God gives you “energy” events every day. Search for them, let them breathe life into your lungs, and become God energized!

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