Daily Thoughts, July 29, 1999
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“I hear this most gentle whisper from One I never guessed would talk to me.” Psalm 81.6

Listening for the voice of God is often frustrating. The need often comes in times of trouble or pain and then God is often silent. Where is this God of love people talk about? Where is the God who takes on our burdens? Why is life so difficult when I pursue knowing God?

Listening for the voice of God in the Redwoods appears to be redundant. Away from hassles of daily life, routines, life pressures, and habits trigger openness in one’s heart. Being in the middles of tall trees reaching up to the heavens, a stream flowing with peace and friends of old is a setting of a Hollywood script.

Typical of Hollywood I did not find God automatically when arriving in the woods. I looked, but God appeared to be silent; or was he?

God’s voice is present for all of us. Several keys can help.

Believe and look to hear God’s voice. We are God’s friends and lovers. Friends and lovers talk. God wants to talk to you, all the time! The Psalmist was surprised; this is not an easy concept to internalize.

Continue to spend time listening to God. God reveals himself in Scripture and through other spiritual writings. If you cannot hear God’s voice, then listen to him talk through reading words. As you spend time reading in a listening mode the other senses will become open to hearing God speak directly.

Remember; God’s voice will be consistent. God’s direct communication will be in harmony with His written word. Test, validate, and understand His words in a more complete picture.

God’s message to you and me is consistent. He loved us from before we were born. He knows the intimate details of our lives and accepts us unconditionally right where we are. He offers us a gift that we can refuse. We can refuse, but God will keep it for us when we change our minds.

Wow. I never guessed I was worth that much.

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