Daily Thoughts, July 31, 1999
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“You’ll feast on my [God’s] fresh-baked bread spread with butter and rock-pure honey.” Psalm 81.16

Imagine the scene: sapphire blue skies punctuated by cotton puff clouds, gentle breezes, family and friends sitting around eating hand churned ice-cream. Follow the scene with three friends taking a four-mile run through the Redwood hills. Run dumbstruck from the tracks along the river up over the hills and down into the cut Redwood grove and through the blackberry bushes back to camp.

Feasting on God’s gifts is true eating.

I look around and find pain and anguish. Lives are in turmoil and uncertainty. Life appears beyond any person’s ability to weather, much less thrive. The Psalmist pleads for us to depend on God, letting Him take care of the life stuff. Toxins always attempt to spoil a meal.

How do we eat; I mean really eat from God’s table? Is eating possible in places with less beauty than the Redwoods?

God plans a special meal for each person. God’s uniquely portions our personalized grace gift to match our lives. If we want to take of this meal, it is readily available to every human being.

God is not concerned with how casual your attire is; in fact, he is loves people who come naturally! God knows every weakness and flaw in our life. God understood, before we were born, that we would be selfish. God understood and took care of this problem in advance for every person. Coming to him open and honestly is an essential step in taking part of the meal.

God wants to have a relationship with us. God chose us as a special people. God knows and accepts us just as we are. God took care of every relationship issue that might come from his side (our failures) before we were born.

Our failures are not an issue! God is.
Our performance is not relevant. God is.
Our abilities do not count. God does.
Our acceptance confirms the gift. God has it waiting.
Our God meal is available when we want to eat. God provides everything.

July 30, 1999
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