Daily Thoughts, January 3, 2000
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Hearing God walk stories, leap of faith tales, and descriptions of public miracles makes my day! This is especially true when there is something that connects me to the people involved. The kids from New York who once worked for or with me, now out on their own, striding with confidence. The peers from cities around the world, making painful choices that show the common values we share. Surprise miracles, healing, conversion, and life choices, make by those responding to God’s arms.

I feel a connection to those on a journey towards God, no matter how distant or different. We travel in the same class. It used to be easy to think I was in first while others struggled to be eligible for coach, my foolish thoughts out on display. As I began to see God, I found my weakness and failings upfront and present in my eyes each day. I found our tickets paid in the same way by the same person – God. God paid for your journey and mine by the gift of His Son at Calvary. Every one us carry the same bank account without God, zero, zip, zilch! Our decision to accept God’s offer for a date transforms our individual accounts – now suddenly full and with an automatic replenishment by the Spirit as each has need.

You and I are not alone on this journey! We have family all around us. True, we often do not recognize them right away; they are often as hidden presents just waiting for us to discover them and unwrap the beauty and grace worked by God himself. “I thank God through Jesus for every one of you.” (Romans 1.8) Awesome pictures waiting to encourage, nurture, and support us on the journey!

I can remember when I thought I faced the world alone, struggling for what was right and true. Those days are long gone! I know there are others on the journey – you for one! The family is big; artists, programmers, bankers, and people creating examples of God in their daily lives. Our family is awesome!

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