Daily Thoughts, January 5, 2000
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I walked in expecting a quiet dinner, a great football game on TV, and time for getting my work done. I found a great dinner, an awesome football game (Chelsea vs. Coventry), and a 13 year old looking for help in writing a 1830s newspaper article and designing her first crossword puzzle. I will in the cool morning light, confess that the latter did not generate the excitement of great food and sports. I reluctantly allowed Carli to pull me into the process. I am so glad that I did!

The incredible, awesome, memory creating, life changing, energy generating events in life are never done alone. These events occur when two or more people are doing something together. Last night was a quiet example of what life is really all about, people helping others, just because. Within the football commentary, yellow uniforms clashing with powder blue, fighting to a draw, Carli and I experienced real life. Working together, discovering strengths and streaks of creativity that surprised the other, and getting a job done were the visible events. Learning from each other, growing in positive ways because of another’s actions, were the real activities.

When I think of God, I often think I know what is better or best for others. As I reflect on our dialogue over the past year, I realize that I am very similar to Paul. My comment to you as we start a new year together is this. “But don’t think I’m not expecting to get something out of this, too! You have as much to give me as I do to you.” (Romans 1.12)

I can hear your protests! You do! God works his love out in your life differently than in mine. When I watch, when I really listen to your conversation, and when I take the time to understand your experience, I see God more clearly in action. God is amazing. God’s children are incredible. You are one of God’s special kids.

Taking the time to learn about love, grace, and acceptance is not a job; it is life!

January 4, 2000
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