Daily Thoughts, January 7, 2000
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I work with a pride of which I am very proud! I am not sure what size lion prides normally come in, but I have seven guys who have faced the battles of work, looked challenges square in the face, understood the height of the challenge, and won. I feel no need to apologize, in fact at every opportunity I remind the people in this group and anyone else that will listen that they are very good at their jobs, their skills exceed their own belief, they deserve the best, and the future is theirs for the taking. They won this first major battle and this is something they need to know as a fact, internalize as an emotion, and carry with them as a medal of honor.

My role with this group is some but probably important. I saw the desire, capability, and willingness to win before others. Many had in fact written them off, said they could not do the job, that their attitude was not up to par. I am not sure what I knew but I believed.

I am part of a pride of which I am proud. People who face the challenges of living, look reality head on, and know the enemy that they face, and step out in faith knowing the victory is there! Every opportunity I have to spend with someone in this group is one that I know helps restore my soul and nurture my journey.

God role with this group is central. He defines the purpose; She nurtures souls in their true purpose for being. God knows our design means that we need relationship with Him and is determined to give us the gift of returning. Skeptics abound at every corner. Some say God does not exists, though my experience says otherwise. Others say that we have the true God within each of us.

“It’s news I’m most proud to proclaim, this extraordinary Message of God’s powerful plan to rescue everyone who trust Him starting with the Jews and then right on to everyone else!” (Romans 1.14)

January 6, 2000
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