Daily Thoughts, January 9, 2000
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Certain things in life are obvious, or at least they should be! My companion of twenty plus years loves me. My children’s motives are, in the norm, positive and healthy. Friends are just that, friends. With proper maintenance, cars will start and run without stopping. God loves you and me. God’s plan is clear to anyone willing to see it.

I am sure you started reading with reasonable agreement. Couples who stay together for years without violence and daily screaming obviously share something that holds them together. If they appear happy we assume the glue is love. It is easy to express a view on the motives of kids, if one spends some time with them. Cars in good conditions, by definition, function without problems and troubles. Now the questions and problems begin.

Does God love you and me? Most gods do not! There are a few kind Hindu gods, although even they seem to have a mischievous streak that can play havoc in the life of people. The god within seems to hesitate most of the time, even when self loves comes out it seems to be more destructive than nurturing. The Christian God is unique in expressing love towards you and I completely and unconditionally. Do you see the evidence of this?

God’s plan is clear for you and I, right? The answer for me depends on the previous question. If god has a mischievous relationship with me, will I ever know what is coming next? If god comes and goes, with a destructive streak, can I anticipate what is coming next? If God loves me totally and unconditionally – can this really be true?

In my own life, the question of God’s plan is really a question of understanding God’s unconditional love for you and I. The universal application of this love is overwhelming! God accounted for every failure at Calvary! “The basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is!” (Romans 1.19) God love you and wants you back. Accepting God’s gift makes everything obvious! You have everything!

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