Daily Thoughts, January 14, 2000
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Life links us – our actions, our awareness, and our relationships – all together in a web. People touch you by their actions, choices, values, priorities, and beliefs; and in turn, you touch them. It is horrifying to imagine a world where the links are broken, a world where everyone is complete within their soul. If this were possible, it would be a completely different world. If the same people we know were in this world it would be a very lonely place, everyone focused on what they could get, achieve, or be.

The other extreme is also frightening, a world where the link between everyone is complete. In this world our desires, thoughts, and motives would be transparent to our friends and everyone else. How would we respond when challenges and problems came to another? Knowing their hearts, would we let them suffer or try to help? Understanding their dreams, would we try to prevent or be an agent of realization? Where would God fit in this lake?

I often find myself acting as if we are all separate islands. My actions do not directly touch anyone else. My choices are mine alone to make; no one else should care. However, we are family, regardless of whatever else we think about another.

As part of a family, I share similar dreams, hopes, and desires. The color and texture varies but not much else. We all need to know what we are here. We all want to know what our purpose is. We all carry a thirst to know God, understand how He views us. Our links are our shared parentage, desires, hopes, dreams, and relationship with God. Wow!

I believe God is in this boat with us. If we deny this fact something happens. It is as if we are trying to become our own island in the middle of the lake. The outcome of this is horrifying. “Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either-’” (Romans 1.26)

Walking together, struggling together, growing in relationship with each other is life. A+B=C.

January 13, 2000
January 15, 2000