Daily Thoughts, January 20, 2000
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People look at me, you as well, and think they know what they see. Our actions, dress, attitude, smile, words, work, and company are pieces to the puzzle that is our image. We see our image in a mirror and we know the details that make up the picture. Others look at us and see things quite differently! Sometimes our image exceeds our own perceptions, if it is consistent overtime people label us as depressed. Our frustration and anger emerges when people expects and see less of us then we believe we are. Regardless of the match between what you see and other perceive, our image drives a large portion of our relationships with each other.

In many ways, our perception of our own image affects our relationship with God. If we have a solid self-image, we often think we do not need God. If our image is poor, we do not believe we deserve God. Both perceptions are off base. “God pays no attention to what others say (or what you think) about you. He makes up his own mind.” (Romans 2.11)

Today the snow is falling and coating everything with a blanket of white. Only yesterday, the sidewalks and alleys struggled to put on a good face. I realize the beauty I see today is only a thin temporary coat, but it does look good!

God does something completely different. Now only does he make up his own mind about our worth, he blankets us with his Son’s robe. The difference between Jesus’ white blanket and snow is simple – one is skin deep and fades with heat, the other changes us from the inside out in ways that can last forever! The offer to coat us with Christ is simple, direct, and unconditional. We have a choice to accept, to reject – and the answer changes our image in ways one can only dream!

Looking at our true image is difficult unless one see our self through God’s eyes. God sees you as a friend who he wants to spend eternity with; I do to.

January 19, 2000
January 21, 2000