Daily Thoughts, January 21, 2000
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Game Time

At some point, often after the game is already underway in American Football, the players focus on their purpose, mission, and role. The rhetoric leading up to the game ends, the gestures and posturing stop, the attention moves from things off the field to on the field. In that moment everyone – players, coaches, commentators, fans, and food vendors – knows game time is now. There is no doubt or question about this moment in anyone’s mind.

It is amusing to watch as a spectator, traumatic to coach, and painful for a dedicated fan when a player’s head does not turn the corner. Everyone, except the player, can see that his head is not on the game. It is difficult to underway why this occurs, but it does. Not everyone sees or understands what it means to be game time, no matter how obvious it is to the people watching the game.

Living each day is serious stuff. Some approach the day with a morbid anticipation of failure, dreading the moment the first problem becomes known, fearful of the barb of hatred and selfishness. It does not have to be this way. We can play each day knowing how to win!

God has a game plan for each one of us. When we act in a spirit of kindness, giving, and serving, our decisions confirm the validity of God’s approach. God is not looking for rhetoric, gestures, and posturing. “Doing, not hearing, is what makes the difference with God.” (Romans 2.13) God is offering to play the game with us and win!

Taking each day on is a challenge, no question about it. Each morning is game time, but do we want to play or position ourselves? The game of life is real, painful, and at times seems to go on too long. God won all the days at Calvary. God offers to let us join His team and win again each day. He has individual game plans for you and I. He gives everyone a uniform, the Spirit.

Take a hard look; it is game time!

January 20, 2000
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