Daily Thoughts, January 23, 2000
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As I look around, I see fighters, people who face life head on, struggling to survive, battling on against incredible odds, as the real inspiration for trying to make a difference in this world in which we live. I see people who fight for what is “right” in the streets of the real world, not some ivory tower or garden estate, as warriors who represent God. Acts of kindness, unmerited gifts of grace, accountability when there is nobody watching, and a sense of responsibility that transcends reasonableness; all attributes common to these individuals. They often wonder why people think they are special. Frequently, they are on the outside of any institutional label.

In many ways, it would be useful if people who represented institutions with a stated purpose of helping others actually did something helpful. Institutions desperately need examples of how their value systems actually work. Sadly, most institutions have no working representative; rather it is usually a lone, exceptional person who bucks the tide. Where are the insiders to lead us when we need them?

“They [outsiders] show that God’s law is not something alien, imposed on us from without, but woven into the very fabric of our creation.” (Romans 2.15) Often the labels we use to capture them are irrelevant to how they live life! They act on what they hold important – values of God which Holy Spirit support in quiet, often hidden ways. I am not sure they realize it, but they are extensions of God to the people they touch, nurture, and support.

Paul suggested to the early church in Rome that these individuals had (in the mystery of God relationship with each of us) said “yes” to God. I do not understand the mechanics, however I do believe as Paul expresses that when the time comes these individuals will take their stand on His side!

Are good deeds all there is? No, but a quest to know and experience God is! Jesus is the way to the Father. Pursuing God. Expressing one’s faith in action. Inspiration to last a lifetime!

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