Daily Thoughts, January 26, 2000
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Getting two plugs pulled from deep within one nose is not pleasant, even if things are numb! I am not sure what I thought would happen with my breathing problems. My holistic attempts at fixing the problems did not work. My trips to various doctors, with regular monthly doses of toxic medicines, provided no lasting imprint. Nothing I did, or tried to have done, helped, until now.

I finally linked up with someone who specializes in just the problem I faced. He knew my issues and symptoms even before I began my description. He understood my pain and frustration. He listened until my stories had no more lines. He asked if I was ready for his help. After my request for help, he probed to see if I had any questions or concerns. Now the fix is underway, even with a few painful steps.

My life, when I stop to take inventory, is full of pain, struggles, challenges, and hurdles. Everything I try to do in eliminating the pain, reducing the struggle, meet the challenge, and straddle the hurdles fails after the first try. No matter what approach, technique, or strategy that I use, I end up looking for another solution!

I know the link that will solve my problem. God specializes in situations where people need hope. He knows my issues and symptoms even before I began my description. He understands my pain and frustration. He listens until my stories have no more lines. He expresses his willingness to be there if I want his help. After my request for help, he unleashes the universe to realize a heaven on earth, just for me.

You can have your problems solved the same way! I am sure God’s solution will work for you – I am willing to bet my life on it! I tried so many options that I long ago lost count; nothing worked. There may be a bit of pain involved but the results are incredible! Just remember: “How else would things ever get straightened out if God didn’t do the straightening?” (Romans 3.6)

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