Daily Thoughts, January 29, 2000
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In virtually everything I do, it is getting results that matter, not the effort or attempt. The world, friends, and family measure success by what we deliver, achieve, or resolve. I find that those who argue that their efforts are “worthwhile” or “should count” are often seen as whiners, whinges, just plain arrogant! They did not deliver so why should anything else that they did have any relevance?

I often flip this approach around and onto my thoughts and relationship with God. If something happens, a kind word for somebody or an act of kindness, I am sure that my standing with God increases! Surely, my actions, decisions, and choices make a difference in how God looks at me. I find confidence in believing that the result orientation of the world must apply to everything I do. I understand the way forward if achievements make a difference. I know how to play when the rules say winning comes from scoring the most points.

Taking a results-oriented approach with God will not produce the outcome with God. To put the situation in blunt terms: “Our involvement with God’s revelation doesn’t put us right with God. What it does is force us to face our complicity in everyone else’s sin.” (Romans 3.20) Reload, reset, and take a fresh look at life’s rules!

What makes us successful? What increases or improves our standing with God. What can we do to get ahead? How do we win?

God’s perspective is so clear and opposite to our world “reality”. God’s actions effectively state that we as the most important thing of value in the universe? God changed, forever, the relationship between himself by sending his Son to become completely human and die to restore our relationship with Him. By taking this action, God did everything possible to make us #1, put us on the first rung with God, reserve our place at the head of the class, and mark our success. We keep trying to get ahead when we are already at the start of the line!

Now that is results!

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