Daily Thoughts, January 30, 2000
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Everywhere you look, you find promises. Politicians looking for support, promise change in the future. Businessmen looking to climb the corporate ladder, suggest great visions of success and profit growth. Religious leaders pitch their way as the best, only, or one of the major ways to true happiness and self-realization. Everyone is looking for something from you in exchange for his/her promise of the future.

Increasingly nobody is willing to wait for promises. They want to see the results today! Politicians need to show how people believe their statements, how lives are instantly changed for the better. Businessmen flaunt his/her monthly, or in some cases daily, financial results, trying to link the numbers with their vision and strategies. Religions take every turn as one that God directed, trying to demonstrate how quickly God will deliver on the promise of security and happiness.

In so many ways, every promise is a dream with no guarantee that it will ever see reality. We hear things that are not said, promise more than we plan on delivering, and hope for a new reality that will never come. We want to believe in a fantasy because we paint our sense of the future with streaks of bleak pessimism.

There is a shift in my life. Paul describes it accurately. “What Moses and the prophets witnessed to all those years has happened.” (Romans 3.21) God is come. God is a reality today. God promise is not something of the future; rather they are the stuff of real life on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The second part of the shift is important. I now look God to see and understand what he said exactly. I am not looking for a sky dream, just facts!

God accepts you and me unconditionally. This is a fact.
God prepared a special place in our souls where he is willing to live. Fact.
God’s dream for you and I is that we realize heaven on earth. Fact.
Bad things will and do happen to God’s people. Fact.

God is a big shift and an awesome experience!

January 29, 2000
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