Daily Thoughts, February 1, 2002
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I can remember my thinking, even if the specifics were long ago lost to the ravages of time.

“They have no idea of what they are talking about.”

They of course referred to my parents and anyone else over the age of thirst that made the attempt to pass on a bit of insight, understanding, or counsel. I was absolutely sure, totally confident, and arrogantly smug that my conclusion had no flaws in it; they were old and older, could not possibly see life as it really was, and had little to offer new generations that were going to make life a great place in which to live and grow.

I look back at those years, perhaps even decades, with a profound sense of regret. My pain does not relate to what finally happened when I woke up and saw life for what it was; it does tie directly to the fact that there were a number of people who made a fundamental different in my steps, path, and in truth journey that I never said “thank-you” to or even acknowledge just how important their words were to me. When I see their wisdom I must confess that “They make a lot of sense, these wise folks; whenever they speak, their reputation increases.” (Proverbs 16.23)

What caused me to finally wake up? What helped me over the curb of arrogance to first see their motivation and then finally understand what they were actually saying?

The change occurred when I finally understood that their words came as a friend and not as a parent, uncle, or meddling busybody. As my blinders fell every word, each conversation, and meeting took on new perspective, insights, and understanding. They were bright, smart, and articulate!

My interaction with God often continues the pattern set in my younger days. I am sure that God’s motive is to control. I am arrogantly confident that I understand my life better than anyone else.

You and I wear God’s labels. One of these is friends; a friend worthy of dying for. Now can I hear?

January 31, 2002
February 2, 2002