Daily Thoughts, February 3, 2002
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Every evening during the December to March season the activity director of the Taj Fisherman’s Cove Hotel leads guests who looking to enjoy a turtle walk. The purpose is simple; find and save as many turtle eggs as possible. The secondary benefits are just as clear; give guests a chance to see turtles in action, explore the beach at night, and see first hand how even one person can make a difference.

The first time I went out we were able to rescue to clutches of eggs. I do not know how many of those eggs will make mature adulthood however I do know that 254 potential turtles now have a chance. The experience was exhilarating! We headed out in a small group, keeping close together, with a minimal amount of light. Our single flashlight identified things that we wanted to avoid as well as creating a great atmosphere. The identifying marks were scant but a careful eye we found our goal.

The second night was a completely different experience. The early track led us to a turtle in the midst of laying her eggs. We carefully kept our distance in darkness and silence. As she headed back to the water the various lights on the horizon seem to repeatedly distract her from her destination. As a result her path took a bizarre route, extending the time and distance to the final goal. When she finally got to the water’s edge she had zeroed in on the one rocky shoal in sight, danger imminent from directions!

“There’s a way that looks harmless enough; look again – it leads straight to hell.” (Proverbs 16.25)

As much as I might want to believe I am smarter, wiser, and more cautious, I do not believe I am any different from the turtle last night. I know my way and I am confident my wisdom will lead me to the right end.

A turtle almost died. Quick work by a dedicated biologist saved her life. You and I have a God who desperately wants to save ours. Will we let him?

February 2, 2002
February 4, 2002