Daily Thoughts, February 6, 2002
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You and I are on a road to destinations unknown, or are they? We pursue goals that we do not really understand, or do we? We fight adversaries unknown and unseen, really?

The world is full of those looking for someone to blame. You can see this in the newspapers; sports teams looking to assign blame for their performance on practice facilities, lighting, or yet something else outside of themselves. You find it on the television, actors and actresses victims of the world or yet another conspiracy intending to wreck their careers. You even find this response in the people close to you, especially that special partner in life. Anything that goes wrong is your fault, right?

It is true that “troublemakers start fights; gossips break up friendships.” (Proverbs 16.28) If you are not used to bad lighting playing sports at night is more difficult than it otherwise might be. Many in the world believe that the only way to the top is over the backs of those around them. You may not, but I do cause much of the hassle and chaos in my wife’s life. Having got this far the obvious question remains; am I the source of pain or healing in the lives around me?

The world is an ugly place, at least most of the time! Sure there are beautiful scenes however the self-god seems to come and mar each moment of grace. While the streaks remain I wonder it is always need stay that way. Is there no hope?

There is hope and it rests with the destination we seek to find. Do we desire to realize the god within, to discover the inner force that will make everything new? If so our destination is, I am sad to report, within our grasp and it is very ugly. Everything new will be a life full of anger, revenge, and justice.

God calls us to something different. We are called to love and worship God. This includes reflecting everything God stands for; compassion, mercy, acceptance, love, and a mystical thing called grace.

February 5, 2002
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