Daily Thoughts, February 10, 2002
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There is one thing that I wish I knew in my youth that I am just beginning to understand in my middle years; pace, moderation, and control. I always assumed that these were words describing one’s inability to do something, a thinly veiled excuse for achieving the best, or a failure to realize just how important the task at hand played in the larger scheme of things. Being intelligent is never automatic, especially if my younger years are a measure.

I still believe that goals and objective matter; it is however accurate to state that I believe the ends can and will never justify the means. There are no exceptions or situations that exist on this world that, in my analysis and opinion, show otherwise. I do believe that certain situations where evil exists present very ugly alternatives, however as people living life to the full we are called to be accountable for mercy, compassion, acceptance along with justice, fairness, and opportunity for all.

What happens with the process of living life collides with the important of achieving results? Solomon gave us advice that carries through each day.

“Moderation is better than muscle, self-control better than political power.” (Proverbs 16.32)

Application is straightforward yet carries a degree of difficulty that many overlook or never understand.

How does one resolve conflict? Win or dialogue?

What is the answer to unusual questions, especially on a personal level? Do you provide solutions within your life journey or questions that your fellow traveler might consider?

How do we love and share of our self? Is it on our terms or by nurturing their steps?

What do you or I do when we decide what step comes next? Can we take the decision on our own or will we take the risk to present everything to God and seek the Presence for guidance, teaching, and insight?

I wish that I could give you a solution package. Maybe a pill that once consumed would bring insight from the ages. Life does not work that way. The choice rests with you, with me.

February 9, 2002
February 11, 2002