Daily Thoughts, February 11, 2002
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Pop Idol

8.7 Million people voted Saturday night for the person they thought was the best “pop idol”. The number of votes cast exceeds the votes cast for the opposition party in the last election and represents an extraordinary percentage of the population of the British Isles.

You could see it coming. The last week of unlimited hype, campaign buses, newspaper interviews, television shows, personal appearances, and loyalty t-shirts flooding the scene. This push came after six months of steady buildup through a weekly program. Each contestant, especially in the end, seemed to accept the ruthless nature of life and through it all supported each other. At the final, the two remaining competitors genuinely got along; caring for each other in ways only someone who understands what it is like to be involved in the middle of a surreal process can.

It is too easy to be cynical, expressing the lost sense of hope because we care more about pop music than important issues of the day. Perhaps all of our fears are true however I know there is more to the story than we readily see.

“Make your motions and cost your votes, but God has the final say.” (Proverbs 16.33)

Pop idols will come and go. The Labor party will not control life forever. Someday the Queen will finally retire and a new face will come to the throne. We cannot know or predict the future, what it will hold for any person or group. I do know that there is certainty in the midst of the chaos.

God has the final say; in fact he has already made the statement that is at the core of the final scene. We can vote, determine new presidents, and wage war and the final outcome will still be as it as been determined. God wins; compassion and mercy triumph over the evil god of self, love reigns forever and ever.

The best of life, fullness and beauty of living comes to those who choose God now. Regardless, in the end everyone will know that God is God.

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