Daily Thoughts, February 12, 2002
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The impact continues with me and frankly it is depressing. The barbs and sarcasm were over the top, too much of my younger days came flooding back and I found myself rolling out of control. Regardless of the flimsy foundation, the relational impact reached a point where a good friend was seriously hurt. Without any yelling or visible conflict both parties knew a turning point had been reached and crossed.

In hindsight I do not think the degree of pain matters, the action in and of it’s self was wrong. There is nothing I can think of that will ease the pain inflicted or legitimizes the words. It was as if my touch had become poison, and in many ways I think it did for at least one moment in time. Ironically I thought that my position was strong at the time. I knew I had facts and figures on my side. I understood everything, or so it seemed.

“A meal of bread and water in contented peace is better than a banquet spiced with quarrels.” (Proverbs 17.1)

I find it interesting that God never argues with us or throws a few barbs. Given his range of expression, just imagine what God’s sarcasm might be like! It is unlikely we would survive much of it given his knowledge of ourselves and our weakness is far superior to our own. But God does not ever take or use this route.

It is true that bad things happen to us, in all types of ways. I have come to believe that while God may use these events; evil is never the result of his choosing. God’s touch is always full of compassion, mercy, and love; even if it does not always feel that way.

In the past two days I have listened longer and harder, reached out to help when there was no obligation, and nurtured when no action was asked for. God is willing to change you and I from the inside out; our touch can become just like his. I know God is willing, am I?

February 11, 2002
February 13, 2002