Daily Thoughts, February 13, 2002
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Stepping In

One never quite knows when one should intervene. Does a life need to be at stake? Are business principles in the same league? Are things always limited to others? What should you do when one's reputation and honor is at risk? When you see something happening around you is there a trigger that justifies action?

I have no absolute answers to any of the questions just posed. As soon as I start to play back a scene; children in apparent risk, false accusations flying towards a friend on my person, or something that is in my value system morally or ethically wrong, I find myself waffling on all sides of the answer.

When I see someone crossing the street in any big city and potentially walking into harms way action is simple. What is less clear is when a parent is yelling at their child or disciplining the child in a way that I do not understand as a casual observer.

When I am asked to take an action that I know is wrong, the decision is laid out in black and white. However, as part of a group at what point do I exit when I can no longer accept the group's decision?

What happens when the situation is overwhelming as it was a few weeks ago in India? Are there answers to complex issues of large corporations that come in shades of gray? Is there a guide to people trying to survive on the streets of New York, London, Chicago, or any other big city around the world?

Solomon comments, “A wise servant takes charge of an unruly child and is honored as one of the family.” (Proverbs 17.2)

There are no easy answers. I do believe we have a template; God's response to our own lives. God always responds with compassion and mercy. God does not answer the questions that only we can decide on. In many ways this is our own solution.

Compassion and mercy are real solutions. We can deal with today; God and God alone gives hope for tomorrow.

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