Daily Thoughts, February 18, 2002
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Waking Up

There are events in life that force me to examine my assumptions. The elegant conversation on the beach with a young village girl forced me to see her as God was already looking at her. The momentary insight that a hedonistic young man made of his own position and actions caused me to question my willingness to see my life in its true colors. A conversation with a trusted colleague filled with lies and deception drives me to wonder afresh if my conversations are always black and white.

The facts are that “we don’t expect eloquence from fools, nor do we expect lies from our leaders.” (Proverbs 17.7) However it does remind us how similar we all are in walking down the road we call life. Even fools have moments of brilliance and those who are in leadership positions can fail just as easily, completely, and totally as anyone else.

As I look at politicians struggling with today’s politics there are too many examples of those who normally play the fool. I cannot see how they ever got into the positions they find themselves struggling to fill. At the same time people I respect and admire are making decisions that reflect the god of self each of us worship from time to time. Perhaps the time has come for each to wake up and see life for what it is!

My recommendation is simple. Grab a cup, sit back, and reflect on what you see around and in your life.

A key reminder is that God knows everything that you are willing to see and more. He woke up long ago and saw the situation for what it was. The mystery is that he loved us so much that he took care of every failing, each weakness, and mistake past, present, and future in advance of our births. God has made provision that we can be recreated anew again and again.

Wake up and see life for what it is. Whatever you see, God has made provision for. The choice for “real” life is yours.

February 17, 2002
February 19, 2002