Daily Thoughts, February 19, 2002
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Mollie is a new addition to the family. She is young, vibrant, and clearly excited about life and her new home. She is also a puppy, five months old, and prone to making lots of mistakes. Her “gifts” come in all shapes and sizes, some desired and some not so wanted.

As personalities go, Mollie responds to any attention with a full body wag, honors any walk with a bright step, and loves to listen to your conversation. She adores the family in a way that reflects God himself. Total acceptance of a person just the way they are and with an apparent understanding of the moment past with full attention towards the moment to be. These are combined with a desire to live life to the full at every moment, catching a reflective rest when tiredness becomes just too overwhelming.

How can anyone not respond to this puppy? I admit that I was skeptical however the first week is proving just how much fun things can be. Carli and Whitney are engaged in the process, learning the joys and frustrations of being the parent of a young living creature. Cherry is enjoying the companionship, as much as Mollie may need her she enjoys being with her even more! I even find the unconditional acceptance as I come home hard to refuse.

“Receiving a gift is like getting a rare gemstone; any way you look at it, you see beauty refracted.” (Proverbs 17.8)

It is ironic that I do not see God in the same way. God knew that you and I needed something else in order to experience life to the full. God understood that life is difficult, often painful, and exacts a toll that often defies living. He took action in days past so that our future would be secured. He offers each an opportunity to experience, live, and then become a new recreation. With God, things like compassion, mercy, total unconditional acceptance, love, and living are automatic.

God and Mollie are priceless gifts. I know I do not always see it, but today…

February 18, 2002
February 20, 2002