Daily Thoughts, February 22, 2002
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Mollie is inquisitive, just like any other four month old puppy, especially when it comes to food. Everything deserves a sniff. If the smell has potential, then along comes a tentative lick as well. I am not so sure that you and I are any different. Could it be that our inquisitive natures, even the curiosity or seeking pleasure part of who we are, is a search to know, understand, and experience?

As I watch Carli and Whitney grow up I can see my youth in reflections. Pushing the boundaries, defining the edges by the values and priorities held dear, their exploration is clear to anyone taking the time to watch. I do not know that I am any different.

During lunch I seek out places that are different or will satisfy some longing I do not quite know how to quantify. The desire for something filling, slightly different, and not too expensive takes me to a long of sometimes interesting, occasionally good, and frequently so-so places. Searching for a book to read on the plane causes my mind to wander far beyond my traditional genres. History occasionally appeals though not as often as the mystery and a traditional story written well.

I am beginning to see that every question, each step in a quest, and even my priorities and values express my longing for something that I cannot quite touch or hold. The challenge comes in understanding what it is that I really seek in my heart! The caution is simple and plain. “Criminals out looking for nothing but trouble won’t have to wait long – they’ll meet it coming and going.” (Proverbs 17.11) The flip-side is just as true.

Looking for grace and mercy? God has already got a package with your name on it!

Looking for unconditionally acceptance? God offers this to each exactly where they are at.

Looking for love? Before you were even born, God loved you so much so that he prepared everything in preparation for life today as well as eternity.

Discovery is great, especially when it comes to God.

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