Daily Thoughts, February 28, 2002
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A recent London paper carried a “break-through” article on the fact that men go through cycles of depression related to hormone levels. The article went on to suggest that there is some evidence that many men have this on a regular basis. The author did point that the driver of the hormone change appears to be stress however the outcome appears to follow the natural feminine cycle.

I doubt that many women found this article of interest; for them it is old news. They have lost count of how often men have expressed “tones” of anger. They have long given up trying to predict the frequency in which men’s body language screamed over the sounds shared out loud. Hidden depression is found all too regularly although universally men do their best to deny any evidence of its possible existence.

In looking at my own recent loops I find myself reflecting in awe at the patience, compassion, and kindness given to me in response to my actions. I wish that I did not know how well “friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.” (Proverbs 17.17) However the girls in my life testify to the ability humans have to forgive and love in spite of the way someone close to them may respond.

God knows your frustration and anger better than you do yourself. God hears and experiences my screams of hatred and jealousy, lust and envy, revenge and judgment. And I am not the only one; hundreds of thousands, no millions of millions express the full range of emotions every day! His response to all is the same. I love you. Here are my arms of love. Can I carry your load?

You would think that our constant cycles of negative emotions, expressions, and actions would deter even the Divine. Actually it seems to make God only more determined to break through the charade and demonstrate just how beautiful and perfect His way of love really is. Your hug is waiting; always. And that is just the beginning!

February 27, 2002
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