Daily Thoughts, December 2, 2002
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Parents bring out intense feelings in most people Emotions including good, bad, complementary, and derogatory all come into play. It as if every experience between the child and parent is continually compressed into one emotion, just waiting to be expressed! The moment is never fully predictable; however trends do emerge if one watches from the outside.

I listen to friends talk about their relationships with a father or mother and it is interesting reflect on the experiences they had as children. An outing into the woods exploring that forever changed the relationship between father and son. A drawing passed between parent and child, or child and parent. The pivotal moment in a shouting match – when one of the two parties took the high road and said “I’m sorry” combined with “I love you”.

Even in the worst possible situations there is a desire within a child to love his parents. The possibilities for relationship are endless, but often the opportunity remains open and unfinished.

Wisdom comes along and makes a critical observation. “Anyone who robs father and mother and says, “So, what’s wrong with that?” is worse than a pirate.” (Proverbs 28.24) There is one question that remains unasked. What was stolen?

For any relationship to work there are elements of time, giving, and growing. Mistakes are easily forgiven if elements are present. Dialogue occurs if all the elements are there. A bonding that extends beyond understanding develops in the presence of all of the elements. However, responsibility for the elements does not just lie with the parent. That is never enough! There are two parties in this relationship.

God is our father, the Spirit our mother. Have you ever thought about the relationship that exists between you as a child and our ultimate parents? I find myself avoiding relationship much of the time – time, giving, and growing are often not part of our equation. God offers us everything, yet we face questions. Do we want to be part of this family? Do we want to share life together, forever? Anything other than “yes” is theft.

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