Daily Thoughts, December 11, 2002
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When I look back over twenty past years I can remember many co-workers and those I managed. Their faces blur into single clip-art formed from a long stream of experiences and judgment. There were those that were enjoyable, worked hard, interesting, have amazing potential, and a minority fitting the category of suck-ups. There were some that crossed into multiple categories, but they were the exception. Yet it was the ones who tried to flatter and connive their way upwards that brought the strongest emotions, usually irritation.

I reflect and wonder aloud about their chances of success. Clearly “a flattering neighbor [or employee] is up to no good; he’s probably planning to take advantage of you.” (Proverbs 29.5) So what did they hope to get out of it? Whom did they think they were fooling? Did they presume that I was not terribly bright?

Everyone has plans. Some to survive, others for community, and then there is those focused on advancement. It is always interesting to reach beyond the obvious to discover what motivates. In my clip-art I reached a conclusion for those that worked hard as to what motivated them. The reasons varied, but on the whole it was to win at the “game”. Winning brought rewards that was usually in the form of power, compensation, and or status. Those that were interesting and had amazing potential had their own forms of motivation that drove them towards their goal. Again, in most cases there was little conflict with the goals of those they worked with.

The exceptions to conflict and compatible goals were those who continually tried to take short-cuts. Their moves were obvious! Their motivation clear! Their ability to win, achieve, and deliver always suspect.

When God looks at you or me, what does he see?

Regardless of how far my motives are off the mark, the Divine offers me a fresh start this morning. Full of love, generous in mercy, and long in compassion, you and I have a fresh start waiting. Grab God’s offer and hold on to the best thing in life!

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