Daily Thoughts, December 12, 2002
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The questions sit on everyone’s plate unanswered on most days. What is the bearing of your journey? Where do you think your steps are taking you? Is the course heading that you intended?

When I look around, in politics, corporate life, or in the communities that I am a part of, the questions take on a more demanding tone. I can see that “evil people fall into their own traps; good people run the other way, glad to escape.” (Proverbs 29.6) As clear as it is to me two questions pile in on top of the other puzzles. Does each person walk in darkness? Or is there a chance that he or she actually has an inkling of what is happening in their life? Regardless of the answer, the thoughts are quickly followed by a second flash. Am I as blind as those that I analyze?

If there is any doubt of this analysis look at the landscape around you. Crooked politicians are seen for what they are over a period of time. Despots robbing their countries of values, principles, or necessary capital come into the light with time. It may be difficult for anyone person or country to hold the evil one accountable, yet justice eventually takes its price. Corporate raiders are far more slippery. There are two sides of their accountability. Do others know? There are those who see the ones in power for values they hold close to their soul. Secondly, does life demand a price for the injustice, exploitation, or cruelty that emanates from that seat of power? No always but in this regard I am comfortable with God’s assurance that justice and revenge is his and his alone.

Ironically, almost sadly, it is so easy to write and reflect on others while ignoring the opportunities in my personal life to make a change. Wisdom didn’t say that people make traps, only that the good ones run the other way, “glad to escape”! It is not about yesterday, just today.

Lookout God! I’m running for shelter and you are the only answer.

December 11, 2002
December 13, 2002