Daily Thoughts, December 13, 2002
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The conversation between friends is still just hours old. In some ways I am not surprised yet I find myself stunned into a silent reflection. I am not sure the exact subject matter is important to my confusion. Let me simply say that our conversation reflected on how one might make difficult a decision with compassion to the broader human family. It wasn’t that we disagreed. We never got to the point where we could disagree. It was more of a question posed by the majority as to the relevance of compassion in the decision equation to start with.

In the freshness of the laughter shared before and after this conversation, I find myself searching for reasons to explain their blunt response. I find myself coming back again and again to a common point. “The good-hearted understand what it’s like to be poor; the hardhearted haven’t the faintest idea.” (Proverbs 29.7) They have never been in the shoes of those that face the outcome of their willingness to walk without holistic mercy.

It isn’t as if some are blind to the pain. They see if with a clarity that I envy. At the same time they also see that their role in life calls for them to make a decision that will rip apart the lives of those touched. They see the conflict yet find no role for compassion in mitigating or shaping the pending choice.

As I pause in my imaginational world I wonder what God would do in my shoes. If no decisions were taken everyone involved would love their sources of income. No making a choice is not an option. I am convinced that God would act with deliberation, compassion, and tears wrapped around a helping hand. Everything that could be done would. Understanding and love would shape everything.

Today is full of fresh decisions. The dilemma rises yet again in another shape. A friend’s blindness doesn’t change the need. Compassion is the only answer that brings a win, win. The question for me is simple. Will I act with mercy and faith?

December 12, 2002
December 14, 2002