Daily Thoughts, December 15, 2002
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Should One?

Taking on challenges is natural. Setting goals that stretch us to our limits is something many revel in, especially those should are looking to get the most out of life. Politicians take on causes that reflect their values even when they know the required votes are not in place to even get a hearing. Mountaineers tackle rock faces that you and I look at as impossible challenges. They may or may not reach the top, pressing on is what it is all about. Businessmen set goals with little chance of becoming reality because they want to stretch the organization to achieve what only teamwork can bring.

Yet the lingering questions remain. Does knowing that one may fail bring the whole idea into question? If we know we are going to “fail” in the eyes of the world should we even begin?

The harsh reality is that “a sage trying to work things out with a fool gets only scorn and sarcasm for his trouble.” (Proverbs 29.9) Teamwork may be required for success yet teamwork may not be a viable option! Do we give up before we begin? Should we measure the chances and reset the goal posts? Is there something that is still missing in the questions?

Should one is the wrong question. Why does success or failure in the world’s eyes find relevance? The only possible application comes in knowing how some may measure what will happen. So what should one do?

Remember, we have already “won” in the game of life if we accept God’s proposition and framework. Everything is done! The only question left is how we are going to help others win.

Now the question takes on a more holistic frame. Knowing how the fool is going to behave gives me an opportunity to love even more fully, give mercy with even more intensity, and express compassion is ways that I cannot yet imagine. Knowing that I will fail, again and again, allows one to reach out with candid acceptance; we are all children of God. Now things can really begin.

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