Daily Thoughts, December 17, 2002
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Self promotion is often known as a “bad” thing. The days of unabashed publicity and glorification of self are, in theory, behind us. Rock groups have left feathers and face paint in their dressing rooms. Politicians are focused on the larger community’s greater good. Business leaders now include the impact on the family into the full range of decisions on globalization, work life balance, and specific initiatives that touch the family at all levels.

This is reality, isn’t it? No, actually it is the spin that the various particulars would like us to believe. Pride, self, and “I” are as centric to the human existence as ever! Rock groups are still promoting their own interests, it is just a little more sophisticated in most cases. Politicians are more self-centered than ever, they just have firms working for them that specialize in helping them mask this fact. Business leaders continue to improve on their ability to say one thing and do something that is exactly the opposite.

Is there anything that the small movements towards a higher standard have in relationship to the bigger situation in all this? Yes, “a fool lets it all hang out; a sage quietly mulls it over.” (Proverbs 29.11) Look carefully and you will be able to see the clues! They are there if one takes the time to find the fine print. The contrast between good and evil is crisp, if only in the actions of a few.

Rock groups can deliver messages of hope and faith. Politicians can act unselfishly. Business leaders can invest in communities. There are those who act without the need for the spot light and financial gain. I do agree that this isn’t the norm, but they can be found. The question that remains lies with you and me. What is the intent of our actions? What are we trying to do? Where is our focus?

The dull gray of winter and rapid coming of darkness is here. Does society’s norm dictate our next action? I hope not. Self is never the final answer, community is.

December 16, 2002
December 18, 2002