Daily Thoughts, December 20, 2002
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Can vs. Cannot

Politicians the world over represent themselves as the voice of the disadvantage. If rhetoric is to be believed their voice represents the poor, victims of violence and abuse, and otherwise disenfranchised of society. Religious leaders come along and make a similar claim as do countless agencies in the business of giving aid, providing housing, or emergency aid. Everyone appears to be lining up, at least at the institutional level, to lay claim to being a legitimate voice of those who have none.

In the end there is plenty of room for any and every person who would like to speak for those who cannot. I am not sure what the words or sounds really mean or represent, but laying out the actions and relationships that contributed to the lives of those who have not cannot be a bad thing. Rhetoric is one thing, solving the problem is quite another. A quick look at recent history suggests that the problems have not been solved and there is little to lead one to conclude that anything is on the road is extinction.

If we really want to deal with the problem then I gently suggest that it begins with you, me, and everyone who can caught a sight of God. We have the opportunity to share the vision that we have received! We can make a difference.

People in distress do not really need a picture of where they stand. I think they can see the ground around them. They need compassionate action, accountability, and relationships. Those in leadership are especially challenge and it go much farther than the specific situation. “Leadership gains authority and respect when the voiceless poor are treated fairly.” (Proverbs 29.14) In fact it begins to define what leadership means in reality.

It is easy to think that we are not leaders, but we are if only to ourselves. We can, others cannot. We have caught a sight of God, others had not. Will we give or will we squander the spirit of compassion and end up truly poor? It’s our choice.

December 19, 2002
December 21, 2002