Daily Thoughts, December 21, 2002
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As a parent of two teenagers I find myself often looking at myself in the mirror just one generation on. In the moments on wonder and stunned silence as I ponder “how could they possibly do such a thing” I often find myself traveling down memory lane with my shadow going to a very similar motion as my parents faced the same question. I believe the girls are more creative, especially Whitney’s logic and explanations, and Carli’s casual willingness, yet I find there is much more in common between our generations than difference. It is that common bridge that brings me the most worry!

How can I possibly take the high road when I am commenting on the very same road that I traveled? This question rarely lingers long, my parental instincts overwhelming my reluctance. The lingering one relates to how apologetic I am about what my behavior must have done for my parent’s reputation and standing in the community. “How could you?” is stays long after the current incident has passed. I have no answers.

The complexity of the question takes on further shades when we add the fact that you and I are children of God. As a matter for the record, every person we know, have met, will meet is also a child of God’s. The good, bad, ugly, pretty, smart, not so smart are part of the human family that God claims. Regardless of how we behave, no matter what we think, in spite of or because of the nuances we are called “beloved” by God. We are God’s children! Denial can kick in, we may not be able to comprehend what this means, and the relationship can be a continual mystery however that is all on our side! God knows he is our parent.

Wisdom’s comment reflects my emotional belief. “Wise discipline imparts wisdom; spoiled adolescents embarrass their parents.” (Proverbs 29.15) Yet God is not deterred in his desire to bring us back and make us whole. Generations often reflect each other, thank God his mercy, love, and compassion never ends!

December 20, 2002
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