Daily Thoughts, December 22, 2002
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React or Act?

The world can be a pretty ugly place. Abuse of the environment, exploitation of people under the control of certain powers, and the blatant disrespect for the sanctity of life are part of the day in the life of almost everyone I know. Nobody is immune! Everyone is a victim of one or more of the negative currents that we have come to accept as normal. Part of the reason I rarely read newspapers when I am at home is just because of that reason – I cannot take any more bad news! It is too easy to play the role of a victim, why help the process along?

Yet we cannot escape reality. We can hide but if there are two people, even the best of friends, the problems of selfishness will come to the surface. The real heart of life itself comes when the bad stuff hits in whatever form it decides to take on that given day at that given moment. The question in that moment is simple. Will I let my reaction to the evil that pervades life itself direct my next action? Or, will I “act” in a way that is aligned with my values, priorities, and principles?

Will I react or act?

The question is a challenging one because life is at times overwhelming. The news that one close to you may have died causes you to react in ways that you can never anticipate. The time pending waiting for the diagnosis of potentially life threatening disease drives even the best of intentions into a corner. Broken trust is just that, broken. What happens next is 100% correlated to one’s decision to make a choice founded in personal strength or going with the Spirit based on a higher Power.

React or act?

The harsh reality is that the bad guys (or women) do win. My gut says, fight! Stand up for what is right!

Wisdom gives us an alternative with a promise. “When degenerates take charge, crime runs wild, but the righteous will eventually observe their collapse.” (Proverbs 29.16)

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